Detective Pikachu 2 Bright Future: Beyond Ryan Reynolds, A New Pokémon Star Emerges

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Get ready for Detective Pikachu 2 – the sequel that promises to build on the triumph of the original. While Ryan Reynolds played a key role in the first film, we’re here to explore why the sequel can shine even without him. Let’s dig into the Pokémon universe’s rich history and discuss the exciting possibility of bringing animated favorites, Ash and Pikachu, into the live-action spotlight.

Detective Pikachu 2

Pokémon’s Independent Success

Detective Pikachu 2

Before Ryan Reynolds stepped into the Pokémon world, the franchise was already a massive hit. Detective Pikachu drew inspiration from a 2016 video game, tapping into the deep love fans have for these pocket monsters. With such a dedicated following, Detective Pikachu 2 can stand tall on its own merits without relying solely on Reynolds’ star power.

Reynolds’ Character Arc: Time to Move On

Reynolds' Character Arc: Time to Move On

Even if Reynolds were to reprise his role for Detective Pikachu 2, the character arc of Harry Goodman has pretty much played out. Freed from his Pikachu form in the first movie, his return as a regular human might lack the excitement needed for a sequel. Introducing new faces could not only breathe fresh life into the story but also speed up production.

Live-Action Ash & Pikachu: A Game-Changing Move

Live-Action Ash & Pikachu

Detective Pikachu 2 has the chance to dive deeper into the Pokémon legacy. How? By bringing in live-action versions of the iconic Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from the anime, as suggested by one of the writers. This move would honor the beloved characters and provide a narrative that fans have been eagerly anticipating.

Keeping Pokémon Anime Vibes

Keeping Pokémon Anime Vibes

Co-writer Dan Hernandez spilled the beans – Detective Pikachu shares its universe with the Pokémon anime. This paves the way for Ash and Pikachu to seamlessly become part of Detective Pikachu 2, connecting the animated and live-action sides of the Pokémon world. Their presence could add layers to the story without overshadowing other characters.

Ash’s Pikachu Stepping In

While Reynolds’ charming Pikachu in the first movie played its part, Detective Pikachu 2 could benefit from introducing Ash’s Pikachu. With decades of backstory from the anime, Ash’s Pikachu brings a unique personality and a fan-favorite status. It’s not just about pleasing the fans; it’s about enriching the story without needing a lot of dialogue.

Our Verdict

As Detective Pikachu 2 unfolds, the idea of bringing in live-action versions of Ash and Pikachu is generating a lot of buzz. Embracing the Pokémon legacy and letting new characters take center stage could make the sequel a hit, appealing to both existing fans and those new to the Pokémon world. With or without Ryan Reynolds, Detective Pikachu 2 is poised to capture the heart of Pokémon enthusiasts worldwide. Get ready for an adventure like no other!