The Agency NetFlix: How to Watch The Agency Unfiltered Season 2 FREE Online?

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Embark on a captivating journey into the influencer culture with Season 2 of The Agency: Unfiltered, premiering on BBC Scotland from January 8. In this season, Aquarius Creative, Scotland’s largest influencer agency, navigates through personal and professional challenges. This guide provides you with the steps to watch every episode online, ensuring you don’t miss out on the drama and excitement.

The Agency NetFlix: How to Watch The Agency:

(Image credit: BBC Scotland)

The Agency Key Details

  • Release Date: Monday, January 8, 10 pm GMT
  • TV Channel: BBC Scotland
  • Free Stream: BBC iPlayer (UK)

The Agency Unfiltered season 2 – Preview

Embark on a captivating journey into the opulent universe of influencer culture with The Agency: Unfiltered Season 2. This irresistible series provides an insider’s look into the dynamic lives of Aquarius Creative’s co-founders – the leading influencer agency in Scotland, along with their dedicated staff and a constellation of talent. Brace yourself for another exhilarating ride through a tapestry of personal and professional dramas, and the best part? It’s completely FREE on BBC iPlayer. Discover how to catch all the action in Season 2 by reading our comprehensive guide below.

The inaugural season of this BBC Scotland documentary series left an indelible mark, garnering a quarter of a million iPlayer views within weeks of its release. Particularly resonating with the 16-34 age demographic, raised in the era of Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch, it quickly became a hit on social media platforms.

In Season 1, we joined co-founders Amy and Kirsten from Aquarius Creative as they aspired to execute Scotland’s first-ever influencer event (“IRL”) with finesse. Navigating staff tensions, globetrotting with talent, and tackling significant life events, we witnessed the duo’s journey unfold.

As the curtain rises on Season 2, Kirsten grapples with the delicate balance of being a new mom while steering a thriving business. The stakes are higher as Amy and Kirsten plan an ambitious influencer trip to Mykonos. Amidst the glamour, the logistics of Kirsten’s impending wedding add another layer of complexity. Brace yourself for the myriad of challenges and crises that threaten to derail their progress, promising an enthralling narrative that goes beyond the surface of the influencer world.

How to Watch The Agency: Unfiltered Season 2 Online on Netflix?

To indulge in the latest season, follow these steps:

1. For UK Viewers

  • Log into BBC iPlayer with a valid UK TV license.
  • Select your preferred episode available live or on-demand.

2. For International Viewers

  • Use a VPN to bypass regional restrictions.
  • Choose a server location (e.g., UK) and connect.
  • Access BBC iPlayer to watch The Agency: Unfiltered Season 2 from anywhere.

3. Using a VPN

  • Download and install a VPN, such as ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to the appropriate server location (e.g., UK).
  • Access BBC iPlayer to enjoy the show seamlessly.

4. US Viewers

  • As of now, no US broadcaster holds the rights to The Agency: Unfiltered Season 2. Utilize a VPN to connect to BBC iPlayer for uninterrupted streaming.

5. Canadian Viewers

  • Similar to the US, no Canadian service offers Season 2. Employ a VPN to access BBC iPlayer from abroad.

6. Australian Viewers

  • Season 2 is not available in Australia. Download a VPN to watch The Agency: Unfiltered Season 2 from overseas.

Episode Schedule

  • Episode 1 & 2: Monday, Jan. 8
  • Episode 3 & 4: Monday, Jan. 15
  • Episode 5 & 6: Monday, Jan. 22
  • Episode 7 & 8: Monday, Jan. 29
  • Episode 9 & 10: Monday, Feb. 5

Episode Synopses

  • Episode 1: Staff trust issues and a crisis in Abbie’s clothing label.
  • Episode 2: Kirsten’s struggles with postnatal anxiety and Abbie’s wedding plans.
  • Episode 3: Escalation of Kirsten’s anxiety and concerns about the influencer trip.
  • Episode 4: Kirsten seeks help for postnatal anxiety as the Mykonos trip commences.

Ensure you don’t miss a single moment of the riveting drama and behind-the-scenes action of The Agency: Unfiltered Season 2. This detailed guide guarantees a seamless streaming experience, bringing the influencer world right to your screen, whether you’re in the UK or abroad.