What If Season 2 Episode 9 Ending Explained Latest 2024

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In the season finale of Marvel’s What If…? Season 2, viewers witness the revelation of Strange Supreme’s ambitious plans to resurrect his entire universe through dark methods. Captain Carter and Kahhori join forces and employ powerful weapons from various MCU variants to defeat Strange Supreme. The finale sets the stage for What If…? Season 3, with a teaser already released featuring Bucky Barnes and Red Guardian.

Marvel’s What If…? Season 2, Episode 9 concludes with a significant multiversal showdown, showcasing the clash between Strange Supreme, Captain Carter, and the new MCU character Kahhori. The narrative revolves around the tragic and dark Doctor Strange variant’s attempt to disrupt the balance of the multiverse due to unresolved grief. The responsibility falls on Captain Carter and Kahhori to save the existence of countless variants in this thrilling season finale.

After a complex encounter in 1602 with her brainwashed version of Steve Rogers, Captain Peggy Carter desires to return home to her reality. However, the season finale takes an unexpected turn as Strange Supreme recruits Peggy for a mission with much darker intentions than initially revealed, setting the stage for a suspenseful conclusion.

MCU Rewatch

MCU Rewatch: What If Season 2 Episode 9 Ending Explained in Detail

In the episode titled “What If…Strange Supreme Intervened?” from Season 2, it is revealed that Strange Supreme attempts to resurrect his lost universe from Season 1, using dark sources of power. Despite being recruited by Uatu the Watcher to join the Guardians of the Multiverse, the finale confirms that Strange’s grief remains overpowering, leading him to employ extremely dark methods. Only through his own sacrifice does he manage to conquer his grief-filled demons and successfully bring back his world.

Strange Supreme’s Plan Explained

Strange Supreme's Plan Explained

Strange Supreme’s plan involves using a multiversal forge to rebirth his reality. Initially claiming to contain universe-killers, Strange’s true mission is darker and less altruistic. He captures hero and villain variants to feed his multiversal forge, aiming to resurrect his universe and bring back his lost love, Christine Palmer. The captured Kahhori, a Tesseract-powered Mohawk warrior, becomes a key element in his plan, leading to a confrontation with Captain Carter.

How Captain Carter and Kahhori Defeated Strange Supreme

Captain Carter, armed with the Infinity Stones from Season 1’s variant of Erik Killmonger, is already powerful. During the final battle, released variants provide Peggy and Kahhori with additional weapons, including Hela’s crown, a Hulk-Thor variant’s sword, Mjolnir, The Ten Rings, and more. Despite Strange Supreme transforming into a massive winged demon, Captain Carter, wielding all six Infinity Stones, manages to create an opening. Peggy’s attempt to reach the man Strange once led to his ultimate sacrifice, bringing back the destroyed reality.

What’s Next For Captain Carter And The Watcher

What's Next For Captain Carter And The Watcher

The final scene of Marvel’s What If…? Season 2, Episode 9 suggests Uatu taking Captain Carter back to her original reality. However, Captain Carter proposes taking a scenic route to explore other possibilities before the introduction of the MCU’s new multiversal tree. This serves as a strong hint for What If…? Season 3, already confirmed. A released clip features Bucky Barnes and Red Guardian, anticipating more exciting realities within the MCU multiverse. While the release date may be uncertain, fans are eager for the potential revelations in the upcoming season.